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Liberty House provides assessment, advice and support
for children and families facing concerns of child abuse or neglect.

A. High-quality services. Provide high-quality assessment, advice and support for children and families facing concerns of abuse or neglect.
  1. Assessment, advice and support
  2. Follow up referrals, services
  3. Consultations
  4. Caregiver support groups
  5. Electronic medical records
  6. Outreach
B. Organizational effectiveness. Achieve optimum organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
  1. Staff, volunteers, interns
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Children’s Council
  4. CART (Child Abuse Review Team)
  5. Oregon Network
  6. National Children’s Alliance
C. Community Outreach. Expand public education and outreach within Marion and Polk Counties.
  1. Medical organizations
  2. Schools
  3. Community groups, civic groups
  4. Public agencies, advisory committees
D. Resource Development. Increase diversity and amount of public and private sector support.
  1. Private sector
  2. Public sector
  3. Enterprise
E. Facilities. Develop short and long-term plan to ensure facilities meet operational needs.
  1. Operational/community needs assessment
  2. Operations & facilities planning
  3. Plan implementation
  4. Plan execution

Liberty House offers a safe, comfortable, child-friendly environment for children and their families who are facing concerns of abuse or neglect.  Core services include an interview, medical check-up, and family support.  We also provide prevention training and education for community organizations.  Our experienced staff members work closely with other partners such as medical providers, law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Human Services so that children and families receive the help they need with fewer appointments and more coordination.  Liberty House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in Salem, Oregon.