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Voices for Children is our quarterly newsletter updating you on events and new developments taking place at Liberty House.

Current Newsletter

Liberty House Newsletter published 12/17/2014
Voices for Children 12/17/2014
  • Common Sense on Talking Safely Online
    • Kids love connecting with others online. Most young
      people talk online only with their friends and family.
      But as a parent, you might be concerned that a
      stranger with bad intent (predator) could contact
      your child...
  • CEO Notes You Make the Difference
    • You might not realize how important you are in the lives of the children around you. I’d like to affirm you and all that you do each day. You are the parents, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles and cousins. You are the foster parents. You are the community volunteers who support foster parents. You are the teachers, the mentors, the coaches and ministers and youth leaders. You are the...
  • 2014 Champions for Children Luncheon
    • The annual Champions for Children Luncheon was held Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at the Salem Convention Center. Master of Ceremonies Russ Lewis of KGW Channel 8 News welcomed over 650 guests, including a long list of community leaders and elected officials.

2014 Newsletters

Liberty House Newsletter published 07/01/2014
Voices for Children 07/01/2014
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  • A parent’s guide to selecting youth serving organizations
    • Between soccer practice, tutoring sessions and piano lessons, your children are frequently under the care of many different adults. It is important that youth serving organizations take proactive measures to prevent child abuse. As parents, extra vigilance with organizations has the power to make child protection a societal norm.
  • CEO Notes: Listening to Others
    • Listening is powerful. In my office at the back of the building, I listen to many sounds throughout the day. I can hear people talking, phones ringing, copy machine running, clinic doors opening or closing, rapid typing. Mostly these sounds reflect the routine hum of a busy office, although once in a while I will hear a high-pitched descant added by a baby in the waiting room.
  • Generosity Abounds
    • Big hearts and big ideas! Liberty House is fortunate to have many community partners that fund raise with events, raffles, etc. all benefiting us and the children we serve. Not only do we value the monetary gain we receive but also deeply value our friendships with all of these partners. Through these relationships we all raise awareness about the issue of child abuse. We are grateful for all the hard work our partners put into these events SO much!
  • Liberty House 15th Anniversary Dinner & Recognition Ceremony
    • Honoring Our Past. Strengthening Our Present. Building Our Future. That was the theme of a special dinner held April 1st, 2014 at the Grand Ballroom. 200 community leaders, partners and supporters of Liberty House gathered to celebrate the 15th anniversary. Hearing stories of the hard work it took to create Liberty House ignited a sense of excitement about what a united community can accomplish. The dinner coincided with the launch of Child Abuse Prevention Month, and a moment of silence was observed to honor the 17 children who lost their lives to abuse last year.
  • 12th Annual Chefs for Liberty House
    • This year’s Chefs for Liberty House Dinner and auction was held June 8th, 2014, at the Putnam University Center at Willamette University. Once again the event sold out as 225 people gathered together to raise over $144,000 the most ever to help provide support and services to children and families facing concerns of child abuse.
Liberty House Newsletter published 04/16/2014
Voices for Children 04/16/2014
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  • Liberty House is 15 years old! Celebrating the Accomplishments of a Community
    • On April 6, 2014, Liberty House will mark fifteen years since opening its doors and beginning to see patients. It is a milestone that provides a wonderful opportunity to honor all those who turned a vision into a reality: a model for responding to concerns of abuse and neglect in a way that would be better for children and would help families get the support they need with fewer appointments and more coordination...
  • CEO Notes: The Power of Connecting to Others
    • When children and their families come to Liberty House, they receive our full attention in a similar way. One of the services we offer is an interview, during which the child will spend time with someone who has received special training in that type of conversation...
  • Our Caring Community: Generosity Abounds
    • This Holiday Season we were fortunate to have the following businesses host Giving Trees or Holiday drives for our benefit. We were gifted with numerous items for the children and families we serve as well as much needed everyday supplies like soap and office supplies. We were overwhelmed with their generosity! read more...
  • Ways you can support Liberty House

2013 Newsletters

Liberty House Newsletter published 12/01/2013
Voices for Children 12/01/2013
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  • Ending the Loss of Innocence
    • At this year’s Champions for Children
      luncheon, we talked about the loss of
      innocence for children who have been
      abused. We all want children to be healthy,
      happy and safe. Prevention is key to
      keeping children safe; below are some
      steps you can take to help protect the
      children in your life.
  • CEO’s Notes - Giving Strength to Others
    • Last week, I read a comment from a parent
      who had received Family Support Services
      and whose child had been seen here at Liberty
      House. This parent wrote, “Thank you for all you
      have done for us – your services gave our family
      strength to get through this difficult time.”
      That piece of feedback touched my heart. It
      made me realize that the carefully-designed
      services we provide for children and families
      who are facing concerns of abuse or neglect
      provide the very support that families need to
      understand and navigate the difficult terrain. Our
      core values of delivering high-quality, objective,
      responsive and child-friendly services are values
      that we try to live each moment of each day.
  • Champions for Children 2013
    • Our emcee for the hour, Melissa Briggs,
      welcomed everyone and set the tone for the
      event – Ending the Loss of Innocence.
      She talked about how hard it can be for
      most people to even think about the subject.
      Unfortunately, it’s real and it’s in our community
      every day, whether we choose to acknowledge
      it or not – and when it happens, child abuse
      wrongfully takes the innocence away from
      our children. The opening video described
      moments when innocence was taken from
      children - all occurring right here in our
      community. She reminded us the importance
      of not sweeping it under the rug; we need to
      bring it out into the light and talk about Ending
      the Loss of Innocence so that every child has
      the childhood they deserve.
Liberty House Newsletter published 09/01/2013
Voices for Children 09/01/2013
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  • New Chief Executive Officer for Liberty House
    • The Liberty House Board of Directors has hired Alison Kelley to become its new Chief Executive Officer. Alison will step down from her current position as the Marion County Community Services Director Tuesday, September 3, 2013, and will begin her new role with Liberty House on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.
  • Director’s Notes from Melissa Seifer Briggs, Interim Executive Director
    • As we welcome our new CEO to Liberty House,
      I couldn’t be more energized and excited. Alison
      brings a wealth of knowledge, community
      connections and skills that will help take Liberty
      House to the next level. I’m looking forward
      to returning to my former role as Development
      Officer (and to a little break with my maternity
      leave) and having the opportunity to work with
      Alison and learn from her.
  • The Liberty House Family Fun Run & Walk
    • For the first time, the Liberty House Fun
      Run was organized and managed by the
      Oregon National Guard Hoopla XV &
      The Bite & Brew of Salem – all to benefit
      Liberty House. Thank you for making this
      year’s run possible!

      Of course, nothing would be possible
      without the amazing volunteers and sponsors who
      helped in so many ways.
  • Volunteer Appreciation
    • In August, we enjoyed celebrating all of our fabulous volunteers with a
      pizza dinner out on our patio...a fun night appreciating the company of
      our volunteer family.
Liberty House Newsletter published 06/20/2013
Voices for Children 06/20/2013
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This issue features:

  • Chefs for Liberty House 2013
    • New venue. New faces. Same great event.
      This year’s Chefs for Liberty House dinner
      auction was May 5th at the Putnam University
      Center at Willamette University. About 220
      guests joined us for the biggest and best Chefs
      for Liberty House yet – raising more money for
      our services for children and families facing
      concerns of child abuse and neglect than ever
  • Director’s Notes from Melissa Seifer Briggs, Interim Executive Director
    • The Flip Side of the Beginning of Summer:
      Most of us think of the end of the school year
      as an exciting time. It’s the beginning of the
      sunny weather, BBQs, more time with friends
      and family, and fun summer vacations. I
      remember the anticipation of the end of school
      and looking forward to spending time sleeping in,
      hanging out with friends and going to the beach.
      Apparently, not much has changed since I was a
      kid because when I recently asked my nephews
      how long until school was out, they knew at the
      drop of a hat exactly how many days, practically
      down to the hours, were remaining.

      However, on the flip side of that joy we think
      about at the end of school and beginning of
      summer, this time of year is also a major cause
      of worry and stress for many parents and
  • Meet the new board members Gayle Lundmark and Dr. Fara Etzel
Liberty House Newsletter published 03/01/2013
Voices for Children 03/01/2013
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This issue features:

  • Inaugural Midnight Masquerade Ball
    • 200 revelers rang in the New Year in
      support of Liberty House at the Grand
      Ballroom on December 31st. We
      asked attendees to come wearing their
      most elegant mask, and we were not
      disappointed! It was wonderful to see
      the variety of masks and to see everyone
      dressed up. Of course, the masks made
      it a little hard to recognize some of our
      supporters and friends, but that was part
      of the fun...
  • Director’s Notes from Melissa Seifer Briggs, Interim Executive Director
    • As I step into the role of Interim Executive
      Director, my head is swimming with so much
      new information and so many new tasks. While
      I’m trying to get my feet under me in these first
      few weeks, I’m grounded in my heart by the
      Liberty House mission: Assessment, advice
      and support for children and families facing
      concerns of child abuse or neglect. My heart
      is full with the children who depend on us to hear
      their voices and help keep them safe...
  • Meet the new faces of Liberty House featuring Zachary Dunlap and Jennifer Schooler
  • And much more...

2012 Newsletters

Liberty House Newsletter published 12/03/2012
Voices for Children 12/03/2012
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This issue features:

  • Acting with Courage

  • Director’s Notes - "This Child on this Day"

  • Welcoming New Liberty House Board Members

  • 2012 Champions for Children Luncheon


Mark Your Calendar!

Midnight Masquerade, A New Year’s Eve Ball to Benefit Liberty House

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Grand Ballroom

Liberty House Newsletter published 09/01/2012
Voices for Children 09/01/2012
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This issue features:
  • School is in Session: Learning to Talk to Your Kids
  • Director’s Notes - "Childhood Friends"
  • Remembering our Fallen Friend
  • Our Biggest Family Fun Run & Walk Ever!


Mark Your Calendar!
Champions for Children
Tuesday, September 25th - Noon - 1:00 pm
Salem Conference Center
Midnight Masquerade, A New Year’s Eve Ball to Benefit Liberty House
Monday, December 31st, 2012
Grand Ballroom


Liberty House Newsletter published 06/01/2012
Voices for Children 06/01/2012
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This issue features:
  • Sprague Abuse Case Must Create Community Conversation
  • Director’s Notes - "An Ounce of Intervention"
  • Chefs for Liberty House 2012 a Great Success
  • “We Love Salem” Video Contest
Mark Your Calendars!
Family Fun Run & Walk
Saturday, July 28th
Salem's Riverfront Park


2011 Newsletters

Liberty House Newsletter published 12/01/2011
Voices for Children 12/01/2011
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This issue features:
  • Preventing & Responding to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Director’s Notes - "Simplify our Thinking"
  • Welcome New Board Member - Dave Williams
  • Champions for Children


Mark Your Calendar!

Chefs for Liberty House

Sunday, April 22nd - 5:00 pm
Creekside Golf Club


Liberty House Newsletter published 09/01/2011
Voices for Children 09/01/2011
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This issue features:

  • Hear My Voice
  • Director’s Notes - "Champions"
  • Welcome New Board Members
  • Family Fun Run & Walk

Save the date! Reserve your seat today!

Champions for Children Luncheon
Thursday, September 29th, 12:00 - 1:00
Salem Conference Center
Liberty House Newsletter published 06/01/2011
Front Steps 06/01/2011
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This issue features:

  • Summer - More Internet Time for Kids?
  • Director’s Notes - "Starting a Conversation"
  • Chefs for Liberty House
  • Viva Las Vegas!
  • Keizer Champions for Children Breakfast

  • Mark Your Calendar!

    Family Fun Run & Walk
    Saturday, July 30th
    Salem's Riverfront Park
Liberty House Newsletter published 03/01/2011
Front Steps 03/01/2011
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This issue features:

  • A Blanket of Hope:
        A Martin Luther King Jr. Day Service Project
  • Director’s Notes - "Looking West"
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month News
Mark Your Calendar!
  • Chefs for Liberty House
    Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 5:00 pm
    Willamette Valley Vineyards

2010 Newsletters

Liberty House Newsletter published 11/01/2010
Front Steps 11/01/2010
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This issue features:

  • A Long Held Secret . . .Jeramy’s story of hurt and  healing
  • Director’s Notes - "Changing Our Perceptions"
  • Champions for Children Luncheon
  • Family Fun Run and Walk
Liberty House Newsletter published 07/30/2010
Front Steps 07/30/2010
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This issue features:

  • Sibling Conflict: Things to Consider
  • Director’s Notes - "Changes Our Perceptions"
  • Chefs for Kids - An Evening to Remember
  • My Story: Protecting Myself is an Absolute Must for Me
Mark Your Calendar!
  • Champions for Children Luncheon, September 30
Liberty House Newsletter published 04/01/2010
Front Steps 04/01/2010
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This issue features:

  • Getting Smarter About Prevening Child Abuse
    An adult survivor of child sexual abuse shares her story
  • Director’s Notes - "What You Can Do About Child Abuse"
  • August Fun Run and Walk - "Awesome"
  • Champions for Children Luncheon - "A Decade of Diligence"