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Stewards of Children Training at Rich Duncan Construction


Prevention Services at Liberty House provide trainings and education to help communities keep children safe.

We envision a community of partners working together effectively to support children, youth and families through connection, conversation, vision, and support to all.

For information about our trainings
and services please contact:

Prevention Program Director,
Katelynn Kniffin
1786 State Street, Salem OR 97301 

Email Katelynn

Office: 971-599-5876  Cell: 503-559-4843

Trainings Currently Available: Empowering adults through awareness and education to prevent child sexual abuse.




Stewards of Children

2 -2.5 hours

Through video and discussion, attendees will learn the five steps to keeping children safe.  Workbook provided to: Learn the facts, Minimize Opportunity, Talk About It, Recognize the Signs and React Responsibly. Certificate Provided.  Approved for Continuing Education for many professions.

Talking with Children About Safety from Sexual Abuse

1 hour

Learn how to equip children with empowering knowledge to help you keep them safe.  Video and discussion.  Certificate Provided

Healthy Touch for Children & Youth

1 hour

Learn about safe and respectful interaction with children and how to recognize concerning behaviors.  Learn about healthy sexual development to identify normal healthy touching behaviors from potentially unhealthy behavior.  Video and discussion.  Certificate Provided

Bystanders Protecting Children 

1 hour

Bystanders play an important role in protecting children from boundary violations and sexual abuse. Learn skills for intervening when someone has crossed a safe boundary with a child.  Video and discussion.  Certificate Provided

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

1-1.5  hours

This is an introduction to a complex problem emphasizing that children who are sexually abused have a significantly higher risk of being commercially sexually exploited later in their lives.  Preventing child sexual abuse is key to protecting children from sexual exploitation.  Video and discussion.  Certificate Provided

Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

1 – 2 hours

This training is presented in collaboration with DHS, Child Welfare and is created for Mandatory Reporters.  Call Katelynn Kniffin at 971-599-5876 for information.

Courses are for the training of adults to help provide tools to prevent childhood sexual abuse.

All courses are offered in English or Spanish
Minimum Recommended Class Size 10 adults
$10.00 donation requested for materials

Presentations created for the specific needs of your group or organization available.

Contact:  Katelynn Kniffin for more information

Email Katelynn      971-599-5876

Presentation to Woodburn Chamber of Commerce, Greeters

Stewards of Children Training at Early Learning Hub

Polk County CASAs



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Liberty House is a proud partner of Protect & Prevent, a community-wide campaign to increase child & youth safety by decreasing risk, harm, abuse and bullying.

  • Empower youth and adults to create safe social habits to protect themselves and others.

  • Expose the many types of risks young people face and make it safe to talk about those risks.

  • Encourage all members of the community to become aware of the issues involved in the prevention of harm to young people so that the next generation will be safe, strong and successful.

To Learn More Contact:

Prevention Services: 971-599-5876

Katelynn Kniffin, Program Director

Kelley Parosa, Program Coordinator


Current Community Partners

Boys and Girls Club of Marion County

Chemeketa Community College

Early Learning Hub of Marion and Polk counties

Family Building Blocks

Marion and Polk County Child Welfare, DHS

Marion County District Attorney’s Office

Rich Duncan Construction

Salem Fire Department

Salem-Keizer School District

Informational Resources:  The following list represents a compilation of informational resources identified by Liberty House staff between January - May 2019.  It is not intended to be comprehensive and Liberty House does not specifically endorse or make any representations regarding any of the resources.

Overall Prevention Information

D2L has a series called ‘Two Minutes of Prevention’, quickly going over topics discussed during the training. Some of these videos would be very helpful to parents in need of some quick guidance.

Educate Empower Kids - /lessons 
EEK provides 3 categories of articles for parents to be encouraged and helped. The categories are ‘Parenting Tips’, ‘Parents’ Dictionary’, and ‘Don’t Freak Out!’.  SPANISH AVAILABLE.

Parents for Prevention
Working together to prevent and end sexual violence. Material from infant to post High School.

Love is Respect
Love is Respect’s purpose is to engage, educate and empower young people to prevent and end abusive relationships. Focused is for teens and 20+.

Resources about Sexting

Common Sense Media
Provides videos with the basic info parents need to know about sexting, including legal and social ramifications. Accompanied by an article.

British Oversite Organization
A short film about the possible spiraling effects of sexting. Website also has good information : 

A parent resource, explaining the risks of sexting.

Resources about Bullying

Cyberbullying Research Center
A summary of research about sexting which includes steps to take for schools. This website also contains a template for a parent-kid internet contract. This page - - has other reliable articles for educators with easy access to parent, kid, and victim resources.

Kids in the House
A video that promotes cyberbullying awareness for parents. The website is comprehensive in terms of PARENT information. 


Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition
Polk County Suicide Prevention Page, excellent resources and some videos.

Have Hope
A website with resources for teens, young adults, and parents about depression and suicide and how to speak up.   Hotline available in English and Spanish.

Overall Technology and Social Media

Safer, Smarter Families
A family plan customizer that has resources for all ages and for many different family dynamic scenarios. It includes videos and pdf.

Internet Safety 101
This is a great source with a user-friendly interface to easily access all kinds of relevant topics—pornography, cyberbullying, mobile & wireless, online gaming, etc. Each page has a video, a brief description, and a set of subpages for further detail. Spanish information in limited availability.

Recommended Video Links

Educate Empower Kids 
Teens explain about their exposure to pornography 

Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition         
Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Video created by local Dallas High School students.

Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition 
Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Video created by local Central High School students.

Common Sense Media   Scroll to Our Momentum, kids tell us how often they use technology.

For Younger Youth

Safer, Smarter Kids
SSK Lauren’s Kingdom is a book catered to young children and educates them on boundaries with adults.

Net Smartz
Different videos, some relevant/irrelevant, on cyberbullying, friendships, and consequences. Suggested videos: Julie’s Journey, Split Decisions, Two Kinds of Stupid, Your Photo Fate, and Broken Friendship.  Spanish Available - resources and guidance for both kids and adults when it comes to sexting.

Thorn -A light-hearted educational video about sextortion using cats as the talent.

Is an interactive puzzle-based web game that allows young kids to learn about internet awareness through 4 different lands: Kind Kingdom, Tower of Treasures, Mindful Mountain, and Reality River. Spanish available.

Common Sense Media
Scroll to the bottom to view video called Our Momentum.