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  • Who comes to Liberty House?

    Children – age 0 to 18 years old -- come to Liberty House when there is a concern they have been hurt by sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect.  Over half the children that come to Liberty House are under the age of seven.

  • What services does Liberty House provide?

    Children receive a head-to-toe medical check-up, a carefully designed interview and non-offending caregivers receive information and support.

  • How do I get to Liberty House?

    Click here for directions to Liberty House.

  • What if the weather is bad on the day of our appointment?

    As a general rule, Liberty House will remain open during bad weather. In very severe weather (for example freezing rain or ice storms) the Chief Executive Officer may decide to close Liberty House. That decision will be made by 6:30 AM at which time the voicemail message on the main telephone number (503-540-0288) will be changed to alert callers that Liberty House will be closed. If the weather is bad the morning of your appointment, please call the main telephone number (503-540-0288) after 6:30 AM to see whether Liberty House will be closed. If Liberty House is closed, the Intake Coordinator will call you when Liberty House reopens to reschedule your appointment. If Liberty House is open but you feel that it is unsafe for you to travel, please call the main telephone number (503-540-0288) at 8 AM. The Intake Coordinator will reschedule your appointment.

  • Do children live at Liberty House?

    No --  children and families come to Liberty House for a child abuse assessment, but they do not stay here.  Liberty House collaborates with Department of Human Services Child Welfare, but we are not a part of the foster care program.

  • Does it cost to come to Liberty House?

    Services are provided at no cost to the children and families who come to Liberty House.  We depend on community support to make our services available to the children who need us!

  • How can I help?

    Click here for information on getting involved by volunteering, making a financial contribution, special events, and more!