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Be a  recognized leader in caring for children by partnering with Liberty House. Your investment now in the safety and healing of our children creates a stronger community for all of us.

Does your employer have a matching program or do they support employee volunteer efforts? Check with your Human Resources office or the list below to see if you can double the impact of your gift through an employer match program.

Liberty House Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Event Sponsorship:

  • Champions for Children Luncheon

  • Cherish the Children MEGA Raffle

  • Liberty House Holiday Soirée
  • Video sponsor

  • Printing sponsor

Join the Business & Corporate Sustainer Group:

  • Make a monthly or annual donation through your business to support our services.

Provide Service Discounts:

  • Building & landscaping maintenance

  • Professional services, equipment, audit services

  • Lunches for board meetings

Sponsor our Newsletter Printing

Provide Supplies/Services for Evaluations:

  • Medical supplies


  • Provide volunteers for child play care during evaluations or for special events

  • Offer a volunteer grant program at your business

Raise Community Awareness:

  • Set up a tour for employees

  • Have us talk at a staff meeting

  • Invite us to talk to your favorite service organization

In 2017, Liberty House served more than 600 children for concerns of abuse, neglect, trauma or grief.  I know that number seems high, but it actually represents less than half of the confirmed cases of abuse and neglect in Marion and Polk counties each year.  There are actually over 1,200 children each year in Marion and Polk counties who need the services of a child abuse assessment center like Liberty House.  It can be difficult to comprehend that so many children in our local area need this type of help.  In the past, we have only been able to meet half the need due to limited resources.  This year, we are committed to serving more children.  To do that, we will need your help.

About one-third of Liberty House’s funding comes from private donations through individuals and businesses that care about the well-being of children in this community.  Much of that support is received through our special events throughout the year such as the Champions for Children Luncheon and Chefs for Liberty House.