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Thursday, September 19, 2019

12:00 to 1:00 pm

Seating opens at 11:30 - We encourage you to arrive early!

Salem Convention Center

 Join your friends for this complimentary lunch to learn about our work with children and how you can help Liberty House provide hope and healing.

Are you interested in inviting others to learn about Liberty House's crucial work? Be a Table Captain and invite nine of your friends to join us for a complimentary lunch!

To attend, be a Table Captain, a Sponsor or Volunteer:


Adrienne Christian

or call 503-540-0288

Thank you!



Thank you so much to our AMAZING Table Captains!

This event would not be possible without your support! 

Shawn Adams
Nani Apo
Melinda Avila
Rod Bach
Brenna Baucum
Andrea Bell
Aimee Belliard
Danielle Bethell
Danny Bisgaard
Margaret Broaddus
Ryan Brush
Kevin Cameron
Kara Campuzano
Sarah Carpenter
Ryan Collier
Jennifer Collins
Eva Corbin
Stacey Daeschner
Darand Davies
Katrina Davis
Caitlin Davis
Samantha Demchak
Rachel DeRosia
Rich Duncan
Jim Ferraris

Tim Fox
Cori Frauendiener
Mark Garton
Shelley George
Anna Gibbon
Monica Gillooly
James Green
Carol Greeno
Jodi Hack
Cindy Hammond
June Handrich
Denise Harvey
Tina Hernandez
Liz Hill
Krystal Hill
Sarah Horn
Dawn Hunter
Alicia Itzaina
Zack Jackson
George Jennings
Debbie Joa
Sean Keene
Alison Kelley
Terie Kester
Keeta Lauderdale

Paula Laymon
Jennifer Lloyd
Judy Lopez
Vincenzo Meduri
Dave Mercer
Brendan Murphy
Patty Peckham
Britany Randall
Marianne Reich
Chad Robb
Stuart Rodgers
Mercedez Schluckebier
Ashley Schrader
LanDonye Rob Sloan
Sarah Spinks
Jennifer Stephens
Lori Stewart
Michelle Stratton
Bry Taylor-Campos
Toby Tingleaf
Jean Wheat-Palm
Annie Willems
Pam Woodcock
David Yandell
Therese Zaiger
Erica Zaluskey


Unable to attend but would like to make a gift?

Thank You to Our

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