Business and Corporate Sustainer Group

Welcome to the Liberty House Business and Corporate Sustainer Group.  These influential community leaders are meeting the needs of children and families who are facing concerns of abuse, neglect, trauma or grief.

Business & Corporate Sustainers pledge monthly or annual contributions so Liberty House can see more children, provide greater support to family members, and help the community prevent child abuse before it happens. 

Why join? Child abuse and neglect happen more than many people realize, affecting over 10% of children under 18. The issue could involve employees, colleagues, friends or family members, who might not know where to turn for help. Without coordination, meeting the child’s needs can involve multiple appointments for interviewing, evaluation, assistance, and follow up services. These appointments take time, especially when they are located in different places. When adults are trying to hold down a job, missing work for multiple appointments can create problems.  It is better when more services are coordinated and located in one place.

Liberty House provides that place. Our team offers medical checkups, interviews and family support in a safe, comfortable, neutral environment.  Staff members coordinate appointments with local law enforcement and other agencies to provide more services in one location. Our staff members work hard to help other agencies have the information they need in order to do their own jobs effectively, such as making safety plans, arresting offenders, prosecuting cases. Working together helps children to be safer.

By investing, you become part of the solution. The Liberty House Business & Corporate Sustainers’ consistent support ensures we will be here for the children and families who need us. You will be part of a group that can provide advice to the Liberty House Board of Directors, be recognized as a leader in the effort to help children, prevent the cycle of child abuse and neglect, and help your community be safer.

When you join, you will receive a framed membership plaque to display in your business as well as window clings for your use.

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