When to Report?

If you have any slight suspicion of abuse, CALL. Voluntary calls are accepted from all concerned individuals and remember, you do not have the responsibility to investigate the situation.

Per the Oregon Statute (419B.005), if you are a mandatory reporter you are required to make an immediate report if you have reasonable cause to believe that:

  • Any child you have been in contact with has suffered abuse/neglect or
  • Any person with whom you have been in contact with has abused/neglected a child


If the child is in danger, call 911 immediately.

If you need to report child abuse or neglect

Call 1-855-503-SAFE(7233)

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

When you call, you will have the following options to select from:

    • Spanish Speaking
    • Law Enforcement
    • Mandatory Reporter
    • General Public
    • Call back Feature

During your call, you will be asked for your name, contact information, and relationship to the child. Remember there are laws that protect the confidentiality of a reporter. 

Information to consider Before Reporting

  • Name, date of birth or age for all adults and children involved
  • A description of the abuse, including whether the child has current injuries
  • Alleged perpetrator’s name, location and access to the child
  • Whether the child has Native American or Alaska Native heritage
  • Telephone numbers, including area code
  • Any cultural or language considerations, race and ethnicity
  • Addresses, directions or other means to locate the individuals of concern
  • Additional information related to family functioning, resources and supports
  • Detailed observations and statements made by the child or others
  • If applicable, a description of the child’s disability or any special needs.

What Happens after you Report

  • The information will be reviewed in a screening process to determine the possibility of abuse and if the child is safe
  • If the screening reveals a possible threat, the case will be assigned for a CPS assessment
    • A CPS worker will meet with the child and family to determine whether abuse occurred and if the child is safe in their home
    • You may be contacted by the CPS worker to discuss your concerns 
  • Know that all reports are reported to law enforcement
  • If the child’s safety is at absolute risk, the child will be removed from the home
  • Information received from the report can be reviewed in the future even if in this instance abuse has not occurred 
  • Community referrals may be made 
  • In the end, you should be notified of the outcome of your report

Adapted from the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline

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