What is iRespect&Protect

With the help of their campaign, iRespect&Protect hopes to support young people, families, and communities by fostering positive self-worth, promoting healthy online choices, and encouraging safe relationships.


Their various tools and resources are directed to help younger kids, teens, parents/caregivers, community members, and organizations!

What does iRespect&Protect offer?

  • List of apps to be aware of
  • Customizable digital media contracts
  • Conversation starters for difficult topics
  • Interactive tools, device use assessment quizzes, and downloadable worksheets
  • Online support resources for bullying, online cruelty, sexting, and safe relationships

iRespect&Protect Ten Foundational Principles

1) There is something incredibly special about being human!
2) We all need and desire to be liked and loved.
3) We do things every day to be liked or loved.
4) We may not always be aware of when those things we do–choices we make–could harm us or others.
5) There is an opportunity to increase awareness of how certain actions could hurt us or others.
6) Nobody should ever feel that they have to do anything to be liked or loved; love isn’t a transaction; the right people will like and love you just because you are you.
7) Each person has the power to choose; pressure to do things doesn’t mean we have to do them.
8) Each human has 100% worth just by virtue of the fact they are alive. We all have unique talents and traits to be cherished and celebrated, and we are all deserving of our hopes and dreams.
9) If you have engaged in doing something harmful to yourself or others, recognize that it is likely because you also wanted to be liked and loved, and there is support for you.
10) We can create a community movement to empower youth and adults to choose safe social media and device habits and honor the humanity in ourselves and others!


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