Important Oregon Law Information

Oregon law regarding sex offenders was passed to assist law enforcement in identifying offenders and preventing offenders from committing future crimes.

The law requires that:

  • After being convicted of certain sexual offenses, an offender is required to register in the state of Oregon.
  • This is a lifetime registration.
  • If an offender moves to Oregon from out of the state, he or she is required to register within 10 days.
  • An offender is required to report any changes of address.
  • Unless a change of address is reported, an offender is required to register once annually, within 10 days before or after their birthday.


To obtain information about sex offenders in your community:


You can also call the Oregon State Police Department at (503) 378-3725 x 4431. Give your name and zip code, and the department will mail you a list of registered sex offenders in your community. The list will include the addresses of offenders. You can also inquire about a specific individual.

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